Unusual Casino Games to Try

Most people are familiar with the most popular casino games that are offered in casinos around the world even if they have not played those casino games personally. For those who are searching for something a bit different, there are also plenty of more unusual and diverse casino games to check out. Here is a selection of the weirdest casino games in the world.

Belgian Birdsong

People who visit a casino in Belgium are likely the come across this weird casino game. The game features a group of birds in cages and gamblers place their bets on which bird they think will sing the loudest and also the longest.


This weird game is offered exclusively by Foxwoods Casino, which can be found in Connecticut. Three dice set in a special cage are rolled and players place their bets on how they think the dice will land.

The Chicken Challenge

This has got to be one of the most bizarre casino games of them all and it should come as no big surprise to discover that it is offered at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, which is located in Atlantic City. Anyone who things they are the master at naughts and crosses can put that theory to the test by playing a game or two against the resident champion Ginger the chicken.

Money Wheel

The secret to the popularity of this unusual casino game is likely to be its simplicity. As the name suggests, the game features a giant wheel and players decide where they think the pointer will land before the wheel is spun. If they guess correctly, they stand to win a large amount of money as their reward.


jewish-people-during-hanukahThis variation of the roulette game is often played by Jewish people during Hanukah and has now managed to find its way into some casinos located around the world.