Popular Arcade Games to Play in Casinos

Arcade games first became popular in the late 1970s and quickly became one of the most popular forms of entertainment among teenagers and young adults. The earliest arcade machines were coin operated and could usually be found in large casinos all around the world.


pac-manThis enchanting game was released in 1980 and quickly captured the hearts of numerous arcade games players around the world. The simple controls, cute graphics and cool sound effects ensured that many players became hooked straight away. The game features more than 250 levels, which become progressively more challenging. Pac-Man units are still sold to this day and so far more than 400,000 have been bought.

Donkey Kong

Was released in 1981 and sold 132,000 units during its heyday. This appealing platform game features a large gorilla, who had to negotiate a wide range of obstacles such as barrels to reach the top of the level. This was the first ever platform game to feature jumping, and many players devoted numerous hours of their time to hone the skills they needed to make it to the top.

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II created a lot of buzz when it was first released in 1991, and was particularly popular in Japan and the USA. This popular game has sold more than 200,000 units to date, grossing for than $2.4 billion. The game features eight playable characters, who fight to the death using special skills and a selection of weapons.

Space Invaders

This was one of the first ever arcade games to be released, and its enduring popularity to perhaps largely due to the sentimentality of the original players. This basic shooting game was released by Taito in 1978 and features rows of attacking aliens, who get increasing closer to the bottom of the screen as the game progresses. It is the job of the player to shoot and destroy all of the alien crafts before they reach the bottom of the screen. Just over 360,000 units of Space Invaders have been sold, generating an income of a little over $7 billion.