Play The Dark Knight in Casinos

play-the-dark-knight-in-casinosIf you’re feeling lucky and are a fan of The Dark Knight series of Batman films, you are sure to enjoy playing The Dark Knight slot machine. This exciting slot machine is based on the hit film starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, which created quite a stir when it was released. The slot machine game recaptures all the magic and mystery of the film while offering players the chance to strike it rich at the same time.

The Dark Knight slot machine is presented by Microgaming and is set to be one of the most popular slot machines on the planet, replacing the hugely successful Lord of the Rings slot machine. In addition to standard slot machine features, The Dark Knight slot machine comes complete with a range of bonus features, such as stacked winds on all of the reels, which are sure to keep players entertained.

The Dark Night slot machine is connected to the mighty Mega Moolah Jackpot network. This means that lucky players stand to win at least $1,000,000. This machine is of the 243 ways type, which means that players can insert a 30 coin bet to activate all the ways to win. Alternatively, players can insert up to 10 coins each way up to a maximum bet of 300 coins. This dramatically increases the chances of winning as well as the playability of this new slot machine.

Clips from The Dark Knight film are played throughout the game at each spin, increasing the excitement of the game. However, players who find this feature distracting can choose to turn it off in the Options Menu if they wish.

There is a huge range of special bonuses for players to take advantage of. These include an instant prize of 150 to 1,500 coins whenever The Joker or Batman appears, wild reels, wild symbols and wild re-spin, where one reel of wilds is held and the other reels re-spin. All this and more is just waiting to be discovered by players of The Dark Knight slot machine.