Epic Casinos to Play Games in

Spending an evening in a casino is a great way to add a little sparkle to a trip abroad. Temple themed casinos have become particularly popular in recent years and there are a large number to be found all over the world. What follows is an overview of some of the top picks.

The Fiesta Casino

the-fiesta-casinoThis large and vibrant casino is situated inside the Holiday Inn Express right next to San Jose International Airport and features a Mayan temple themed casino complete with croupiers in costume and impressive decor. The casino features a large number of slot machines as well as table games and an exclusive card room, while nightly live entertainment is provided by professional dancers and the casino also comes complete with a themed bar. Spending time at the Fiesta Casino is a great way to unwind after a long flight to San Jose as well as the perfect way to kill time before heading back home at the end of the holiday.

Caesars, Atlantic City

Atlantic City is famous as being one of the best gambling destinations in the world and literally dozens of casinos jostle for space here. The Caesars Hotel and Gambling Resort is one of the largest and most luxurious here and comes complete with a Temple Lobby with several exciting slot machines and table games. The decor in the Temple Lobby is simply stunning and features and comes complete with dramatic four-story atrium that has been designed to represent the Forum of ancient Rome. The casino also boasts more than three thousand other slot machines in its 145,000 square feet of gaming space and 135 different tables offering games such as poker, craps, Spanish 21 and keno.

The Temple, Poi Pet

Cambodia is famous for its ancient temples, and it should come as no surprise to find that the casino border town of Poi Pet has utilized this theme to full effect. While there are around a dozen different casinos to be found in Poi Pet, The Temple really stands out due to its large size and temple decor.