Breathing Fire with Five Dragons

five-dragons-is-a-classic-casino-gameFive Dragons is a classic casino game that has recently become a popular addition to both land based and online casinos all around the world. A new enhanced version has recently been released for gamers to enjoy and this enhanced version is very similar to the game that many casino lovers have experience playing, although the excitement is really enhanced here with vibrant graphics. As the name suggests, Five Dragons is based around five vibrant and mythological dragons. The velvety deep purple tones of the game’s background are both decadent and inviting and really set the stage for this vibrant game.

One of the many things that makes Five Dragons one of the most popular video poker slots around right now is that players have up to 234 ways to win big. This means that players have plenty of opportunities to strike it lucky, while the game also offers a whole host of free spins, jackpot bonuses and wilds. The graphics also bring the game to life with exciting features such as icons that burst into flames as soon as a bonus is activated.

Unlike many other popular casino games of this type, Five Dragons offers players the chance to choose their own bonus. To take advantage of the bonuses, players first need to obtain three or more scatterers, starting from the very first reel. There are then five different options to choose from, which each represented by a different colored dragon. Players will want to make sure that they look out for the red packet symbol during the bonus stage, as this will allow them to double their bonus up to a potential value of fifty free spins. The fun just keeps coming with the exciting game and free spins and bonuses seem to wait on virtually every spin.